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The Full Story of 

The Salty New Yorker

At The Salty New Yorker we pride ourselves on bringing a fresh taste of New York to Texas. We use an authentic New York recipe, and use genuine New York ingredients. Our dough is made in house daily, proofed twenty-four hours, boiled, seeded and baked to ensure our bagel lovers are able to enjoy the perfect NY bagel.

Growing up in New Jersey, the love of bagels is ingrained in your DNA. Every weekend, there was a trip down to the local bagel shop to pick up the weekend's bounty. You know you’ve made it when you walk in the door and the owners already know your order! The love of bagels runs deep with Bethany, her first job in high school was at her favorite bagel spot, Hot Bagels. She spent four years learning the art of bagels before she headed off to college. Little did she know that those four years were well spent for her future endeavors.


Anyone who knows bagels, knows that the tri-state area is the nexus of bagels. You’re hooked from the first bite. Just ask John, a connoisseur of bagels, Bethany’s husband and The Salty New Yorker’s namesake. John too grew up in New Jersey but spent 10+ years commuting to New York City and was the epitome of a bridge and a tunneler. In essence spending more time in New York than New Jersey. 


New York City is where it all began for Bethany and John. They met, fell in love and even were married in New York. After moving around for their careers, they decided to make Georgetown their home. Georgetown is everything they dreamed of and more. The only thing missing was a local bagel shop and that is where the dream of The Salty New Yorker began. Our dream is to become Georgetown’s local bagel shop. A place where memories are made, regular customers become friends and a love of bagels is spread throughout the community. 

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